Learning With Lynda

Posted, 16th June 2016

As someone who is self taught in design and coding, Lynda.com is a saviour. You want to learn about Indesign or any other industry program? Log into Lynda and you will find a massive library of video tutorials. You can complete them at your own pace. I had never used the site until 2 months ago as it was suggested by a good friend. Now whenever I have 10mins to spare on a train or while traveling I have been downloading the offline files to watch and recap on techniques and just learning in general. I find it a lot easier to consume than reading.

I’m quiet frugal, so for me to recommend this as a service monthly service it must be worth it? Think about enrolling for a course, it would cost you thousands and they aren’t that flexible. Take Shillington college for example. Courses start at £7k, you need time off work and have to work to their guides. If your self motivated and don’t need the push I would suggest Lynda. You can even trial it for free for 14 days!